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Volume 8:American Indian Jewelry II: A-L
1,800 Artist Biographies

Hardback: $70
Special Edition: $300


This is a standard reference for American Indian jewelry, a source for factual information, neatly organized and lavishly illustrated in full color. This is not a revision of our bestseller, American Indian Jewelry I, but a completely new manuscript, organized in two volumes, A to L and M to Z. Look up any one of over 4,000 American Indian jewelers in seconds.

Each profile identifies the artist by tribe, clan, active years, styles, lifespan, residences, education, teachers, students, awards, exhibitions, demonstrations, collections, photographs, and publications. Many profiles feature original quotations from the artists, as well as comments from scholars, collectors and veterans in the field. Personal portrait pictures and close-ups of their jewelry help to bring their biographies to life.

American Indian Jewelry II provides two new features:

The Hallmark Directory offers high resolution, digital close-ups. Many Native American jewelers stamp their work with personal, pictographic symbols or initials. This feature helps identify jewelers.

The Natural Turquoise Directory helps one identify turquoise in Native American jewelry. This is important because the best –
Gem-Quality, High-Grade – natural turquoise is valuable. Keys to identification help identify over 25 by specific mines, chosen in a worldwide vote by veteran turquoise collectors.

Collecting authentic, handmade American Indian jewelry is a rewarding experience. The diversity of styles, designs, techniques, materials, and creativity offers something for everyone. Master Indian jewelers are a most fascinating group of people. Many are the backbones of their tribal communities, helping to keep their languages, ceremonies, arts, and cultures alive. We thank them for their strong support and many blessings in making this book possible.


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