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The U.S. Constitution and
the Great Law of Peace

Hardback: $25

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U.S. Constitution, First Amendment, Religion, Government, U.S. History, Biography, and Law. In the American tradition of historical narratives, this book traces the lives of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison with emphasis on their religious views and personal expressions of faith. They held strong religious beliefs as evidenced by their personal papers found in the Library of Congress, National Archives, and other libraries. These documents prove that the early American founders were united on six major issues: 1. Freedom of Religion is a fundamental right. 2. No one, especially government officials, should interfere with the free exercise of religion. 3. There should not be one official religion of the United States. 4. Federal tax dollars should not be allocated to favored churches and religious groups. 5. Different religions from around the world should be respected. 6. The separation of Church & State should be maintained.

This book documents the origins of religious freedom in America, a topic of importance to people around the world.

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