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Volume 4: Southern Pueblo Pottery
2,000 Artist Biographies

Hardback: $70
Special Edition: $250


Southern Pueblo Pottery introduces potters from the twelve Pueblos located south of Santa Fe: Acoma, Cochiti, Isleta, Jemez & Pecos, Laguna, San Felipe, Sandia, Santa Ana, Santo Domingo, Tigua/Ysleta del Sur, Zia and Zuni.

This book is organized alphabetically like a telephone book. Looking up a particular artist takes only seconds. The volume actually profiles 2,150 potters from the past two centuries,
featuring over 1,000 illustrations of pottery and artist portraits. Because Pueblo pottery making is a family tradition, their history reveals how different forms, techniques and designs were passed down from generation-to-generation.

This book was created with the cooperation of Pueblo Indian artists. Through artist surveys, archival research and personal interviews, information was collected in 25 categories: including the artist’s pueblo, clan, active years, lifespan, family relationships, education, teachers, students, awards, demonstrations, exhibitions, collections, favorite designs, publications and twenty years of auction records. Many artists completed a personal statement, “I enjoy creating artwork, because. . .” Some wrote or narrated autobiographical statements.


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